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PriceSpy is the ultimate tool to control competitors' prices of defined products. It will keep you informed upon price reaching the threshold. Choose a product from competitor's website and point to it's price. PriceSpy will take care of the rest.
Reduce development time

Reduce intelligence costs

It's not necessary anymore to check competitive prices manually by browsing through webstores and writing them down into the worksheet. PriceSpy periodically collects all required data and reports them in a comfortable way.
Works on all devices

Alert and Adjust

PriceSpy is able not only to check but also alert of competitor's product price changing. Moreover, immediate automatic adjustment your price of a related product makes it irreplaceable business assistant.
More than 15,000 product prices are tracked since April 2015!

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  • Once per day price comparison
  • 30 pages tracking
  • Period summary
  • 1 month data retention
  • 3 times a day price comparison
  • 99 pages tracking
  • Period summary
  • 3 months data retention
  • e-mail alert
  • Core options
  • 10 times a day price comparison
  • Unlimited pages tracking
  • Period summary
  • Unlimited data retention
  • e-mail & SMS alert
  • Full options
  • API price adjustment

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